Social media campaigns and visuals for the world's largest digital currency asset manager.
Caroline is an indispensable part of the Grayscale team, especially with regards to her work creating assets for our various marketing channels. She has built a brand identity specifically for social media, creating visuals that are clear, striking, and bold - perfect for communicating on social. What I particularly appreciate about working with Caroline is that she is always proactively presenting new ideas. She brings her creativity and deep knowledge of our brand to bear with all her suggestions, and always incorporates social media best practices. Finally, I cannot overstate how much of a pleasure it is to work with Caroline. She is professional and organized, but most importantly: she is a deeply kind, compassionate, creative individual who we are fortunate to work with.
Isabel Rittenberg
Director Digital Marketing, GRAYSCALE INVESTMENTS
Series of Promotional Visuals for the Grayscale & The Giants.
Branding for "Market Bytes" a news-related series of posts.
Stand-alone Visuals and Videos.
Interactive PDF concept + Promotional visuals.
Creative Direction, Promotional Visuals for Social Media