Designs for the first global Solana conference: main screens and live feed slides.

This large conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal – over 3 days and across 3 different venues:
- LXFACTORY: A 175-year-old textile factory converted into a dynamic hub for creatives.
- ESTUFA FRIA: Lisbon’s historic botanical gardens spanning 1.5 hectares.
- SUD LISBOA: a stunning rooftop with views over the Tagus river.

Each venue had a different large/main screen (and specs), as well as 16:9 monitors for live feed and other displays. Altogether, I created bespoke designs for around 100 talks and sessions, in order to introduce keynote speakers, panels and special events.
Photos of the event (source: @solanaconf +

Client: SOLANA
Digital Designs for Conference
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Lauren Laino
Founder & CEO, Amplified Event Strategy