Designs for the first global Solana conference: main screens and live feed slides.
This large conference was held in Lisbon, Portugal – over 3 days and across 3 different venues:
- LXFACTORY: A 175-year-old textile factory converted into a dynamic hub for creatives.
- ESTUFA FRIA: Lisbon’s historic botanical gardens spanning 1.5 hectares.
- SUD LISBOA: a stunning rooftop with views over the Tagus river.

Each venue had a different large/main screen (and specs), as well as 16:9 monitors for live feed and other displays.
Altogether, bespoke designs were needed for around 100 talks and sessions, in order to introduce keynote speakers, panels and special events.
Photos of the event (source: @solanaconf +

Client: SOLANA
Digital Designs for Conference (All  Sessions / Large  Screens + 16:9 Live Feed).
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Lauren Laino
Founder & CEO, Amplified Event Strategy