Designs for Web3 – a week-long event focusing on NFTs, the Metaverse, and Music.
Caroline is an exceptionally hard working, thorough, and super skilled designer (among many other roles). I had the pleasure of working with Caroline this year on several projects for Stacks. During that time I had the chance to see Caroline's work first hand - work that was always handled in a timely manner with great attention to detail. I also appreciated how Caroline offers her expertise on projects to obtain the best outcome. After many years producing events, I can say first hand that I've never worked with someone with the skillset and efficiency as Caroline. I appreciate her attention to detail and eye for innovative design. Caroline has the creativity and management skill set to take on any design endeavor.
Shannon Voight
Events & Marketing, Stacks Open Internet Foundation
Speaker Cards
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Interludes & Transitions
Client: STACKS
Speaker Cards, Title Slides, Interludes & Transitions, TV Frames, Lower Thirds